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Saying goodbye

June 27, 2014

Here I am in front of my biggest adventure up until this date. Nervous and excited on what tomorrow will bring. Yesterday was the last day at my job here in Sweden. Saying goodbye to colleagues that I’ve been working with for a long time (on a cool product that will change television forever), it felt just so strange and left me filled with emotions.

After the weekly friday demos, they held a little ceremony for me. I received some beautiful words from colleagues and held a little speech myself. A speech that was totally unrehearsed straight from my heart. I tried to picture how I felt when joining the project, how I never felt like a consultant, but one in the team. A team player in a unique team. I Talked a bit about how this product have grown stronger during time to become something extremely competitive and how that made us all stronger together. I made a project video which I usually do for different projects. A video to document the progress and the joy in this company. I think people enjoyed that.

I’ve gone through a lot of projects, but this one’s gotta be the finest. I’ve never been so touched by peoples words, never felt so emotional inside, never cried like a baby. But yesterday I did. I will sure miss you all. Thanks for letting me work alongside you all and being a part of something I’ll tell my grandchildren about decades from now.

Tomorrow starts a new adventure. An adventure I’ve been dreaming about for years. I’ll try to kickstart my blogging again to document this. But right now, I got to get some sleep, if I’ll be able to sleep.


Viktor Johansson

Written by Viktor Johansson a QA professional and Wheelchair athlete, living in Stockholm, Sweden. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or email.