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Video tutorial: Testing mobile web with Testdroid

April 14, 2013

I made a quick tutorial on how to setup the android dev environment with the Testdroid mobile automation solution, how to record a simple test script with the testdroid recorder and how to run the test script with the Android JUnit runner. The scripts is built on the Robotium test automation framework, so you can tweak them quite a lot. At the Robotium website you’ll find a lib of different commands. One cool thing with Robotium is that you can integrate with the device hardware and software a lot, like mocking GPS signals, Turn ON/OFF wifi, send key commands, change date and device language etc.

This is my first video tutorial. I realized that my mic is not the best so I’ll get a new one for the next video, but I hope you can hear what I have to say! :)


Viktor Johansson

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