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Mobility is Life

March 20, 2013

Mobility has always been important for me. To be able to move, to be able transport yourself from one point to another are key factors in order for me to live an independent life. I was born with a spinal cord injury. That means that my nerve roots are damaged and my legs are half-paralyzed. I’m using a wheelchair in the daily life at home, at work and when exercising (never slept with it though). I sometimes even using it to do Tony Hawk inspired stunts.

The fact that I was born this way made me realize I couldn’t have done much to prevent it, either not knowing what it would be like to have a pair of healthy legs and to be able to run. Therefore I’ve learned to adapt, learned to live a normal life.

I sometimes thank lord that I’m living in the 21th century, were we have outstanding healthcare, wheelchairs smooth as a cat, light as a gallon, fast as the greatest marathon runners and in my opinion a rather open-minded society

Thank god for technology. I’ve always had a keen interest in tech and IT has been close to the heart. Working with computers is something that I can do on equal terms as anyone else. That means a lot to me. Today I’m working as a software testing consultant at Sogeti Sweden. I’m a team leader for an RnD-project on mobile test automation. We are building a global device lab to serve our clients in their struggle with the platform fragmentation and the monkey testing on mobile applications.

In this blog, I’ll share my passion for mobility, my love for music, wheelchair sports and all these combined. We live in a fantastic world where everything is possible. I am a positive and open-minded person that likes to look beyond obstacles to see possibilities.

Viktor Johansson

Written by Viktor Johansson a QA professional and Wheelchair athlete, living in Stockholm, Sweden. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or email.