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Mobile App Testing: Quite egoistic to name a site like if it’s the only one, but the fact is there aren’t many good mobile testing news sites out there, but this is one is really informative.

Software Testing Club: The Software Testing Club is a global and professional community for software testers. Not focused only on mobile testing but really good site to check once in a while in order to be in the loop.


Mobile Test Summit: One of the very best mobile testing events for sure.  Took place in San Francisco last year. The best minds in mobile testing brought together to talk automation and what comes next.

Mobile World Congress: Huge mobile event, were testing has a big part in the congress.

Eurostar Conference: Largest testing event arranged

DroidconAndroid event that usually has at least one testing presentation


Apps World Series: A worldwide series of shows. Had over 5000 registered visitors last time.

Google I/O: Needs no further presentation. Googles huge event, for app people.

Youtube Channels

Standford University: Has some really good iOS developer and testing videos

SauceLabs: These guys are doing pretty cool stuff with Selenium. They are also hosting the Mobile Test Summit.


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